Vadim Yermolaev


Agroaliance company, which is engaged in distributing of agricultural machinery, intends to buy controlling interest in eight Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

The Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine has permitted the Agroaliance International Ltd. to purchase equity stakes in eight Ukrainian agro-enterprises.

According to a report on the site of intermediary, Agroaliance International Ltd (British Virgin Islands) will be able to acquire a stake that will ensure the excess of 50% in the supreme governing body:

· OOO Apostolove-Agro (Dnipropetrovsk oblast)

· OOO Slavgorod-Agro (Dnipropetrovsk oblast)

· OOO Bozhedarovskii elevator (Dnipropetrovsk oblast)

· OOO Troitskoie-Agro (Luhansk oblast)

· OOO Rubiznhe-Agro (Luhansk oblast)

· OOO Borova-Agro (Kharkiv oblast)

· OOO Barvinkove-Agro (Kharkiv oblast)

· PAO Lebedynske hlibopryimalne pidpryiemstvo (Lebedyn cereal receiving station) (Sumy oblast)

As reported by public information, Agroaliance International Ltd is the owner of OOO Agroaliance, the initiator of the liquidation of which is OOO Trade House “AS-Tera”. The final beneficiary of the “Trade House “AS-Tera” is a businessman Vadim Ermolaev. The company sells agricultural machinery.